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Legal note

1. Legal notice and acceptance
In compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 of 11 July concerning information society and e-commerce services, you will find general information about this website below:
GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO S.L., with tax identification number N.I.F. B-55216758, with registered office at 17421 Riudarenes (Girona), Pol. Ind. Pruna C/Llevant núm. 1. (Hereinafter referred to as “GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO”).We have established some rules to make sure that the website is informative and useful for everyone who visits it. Because we can change or modify them from time to time, we recommend that you visit this page each time you access our website in order to stay up-to-date with the rules. By visiting this website the user is accepting the rules published in the Portal at the time of access.

2. Intellectual and industrial property
The use of this website presupposes the knowledge that all the contents of the Portal, including but not limited to, text, photographs, graphics, images, music, icons, technology, software and links and other audiovisual or audio content, as well as its graphic design and source codes (hereinafter “the Content”), are the intellectual and industrial property of GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO or have been licensed or transferred by independent content providers. The user of this website agrees and acknowledges that GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO allows access to said content, which is protected by intellectual and industrial property laws (hereinafter “the Rights”), and that said Rights are valid and are protected for all media which currently exists or which may be developed in the future. The user accepts that the use of the content is subject to and is governed by these rules as well as by the Rights and the applicable private property laws.

Consequently, all the content of the GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO website is protected by the Rights and GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO is the owner, or licensee as the case may be, thereof; therefore the user cannot modify, alter, copy, reproduce, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale, reproduction, creation of derivative works, distribution, exhibition, or, in any way, exploit any of the contents in part or in their entirety.

Creating a link or email content from any URL to this website is forbidden without the express written permission of GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO.
GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.

Any other brand, product name or company mentioned on this website are intellectual or industrial property rights registered by their respective companies. Total or partial reproduction is forbidden without the authorization of the owners.

It is hereby stated that, when posting content (such as “videos” or “comments”) in the sections enabled for this purpose on this website or in the social profiles of GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO, the user is granting GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO a license for the intellectual and/or industrial property rights that may correspond to said content. This license is non-exclusive and covers all the rights and modes of exploitation of the content (including, but not limited to, reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, by any means and in any form or medium, tangible or intangible, expressly including the internet), for everybody and throughout its legal life, without the right to receive any remuneration.

3. Terms of use of the portal

GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO has no control over who can access its website and where they may be located. Although GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO is aware of this, this does not mean that it submits to the jurisdictions of foreign countries; in the event of dispute or claim in relation to this website, the courts and tribunals of Spain will be the sole competent authority.

GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO may make as many technical modifications as necessary to improve the quality, performance, efficiency of the system and connection to telematic networks or the internet.
GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO reserves the right to modify the information contained on the website without prior notice.

GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO is especially exempt from liability for defective service attributable to the server centre or connection networks, as well as for any possible damages from computer viruses.
GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO is not responsible for the veracity of the information provided by third parties and included directly or via links on this website.

4. Social networks
GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO may be present on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram with the creation of social profiles for GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO. The processing of data of users who become followers of official GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO profiles will be governed by:

1. The privacy policies and terms of use that are specifically indicated in the profile created by GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO.

2. The conditions provided in this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and
3. The privacy policies and terms of use established by the social networks themselves. In case of dispute, the specific rules established in the official profile of GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO will take precedence, and by default in these conditions.

GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO will process the data of users who become followers or fans of any of its profiles in order to properly manage them, know their opinions and/or comments as well as inform them and involve them in the different competitions, promotions and/or events that are held by the company in which the users participate. By becoming a fan or follower of the profile, the user consents to the processing of data in the social network environment in accordance with the privacy policies established therein and consents to the access by GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO of the data contained in the list of fans or followers in the aforementioned terms.

GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO may remove from its profile any information that contravenes the rules established in the general terms of use of the social network as well as the provisions of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The user can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at any time, in the manner described in the section on Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection. In any case, the user can stop being a follower of the official social network website by following the steps indicated in the terms of use of the social network and without GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO intervening in this process. Likewise, users are reminded that any modification or rectification of their data on the social network must be done through the user configuration, and cannot be performed by GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO. For any queries in relation to the processing of data belonging to followers on social networks of the official GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO profiles, the user can write to the following address:

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