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Passionate about beekeeping since 1934...

Did you know that these two hives are not the same?

Although you could find them both outdoors, they have different purposes.

- This one is from our apiary, where we get our best honey
- This one is our home hive, contributing to the re-population of bees

Meet our beekeepers

Beekeepers are bees’ best friends and they work together to offer the best Granja San Francisco honeys.

Víctor M. Fernández

  • Years working as beekeeper: More than 45
  • Beekeeping heritage: He comes from a long family tradition of beekeeping, spanning over 100 years and at least 4 generations
  • Number of hives on his operation: Approximately 600 hives
  • Originally from: Asturias
  • Collection area: Asturias, from the coast to the high mountain
  • Varieties of honey produced: Heather, Chestnut, Eucalyptus and Flowers